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On board Silurian

Crew of the SilurianSilurian is HWDTs research and education vessel.

Most weeks April through October she is either monitoring the waters of the west coast of Scotland for whales, dolphins, and porpoises, or serving as a floating classroom for one of the many Argyll island primary and secondary schools.

Read the log below to find out what Silurian and her crew have been up to each week and all about the whales, dolphins and porpoises they spot!  To find out about the latest marine life sightings spotted elsewhere, click here.

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Tuesday 9th May

An early call this morning from the generator at seven a clock and lots of light coming through the windows woke us up. It looked like it was going to be a lovely sunny day. After breakfast everyone headed for the jobs to make the boat nice and tidy and ready for the children! We met all the children and two of the teachers on land, at
Fionnphort. This time we didn’t get wet getting to shore. The children were all full of energy and we, Eilidh, Joannie and Jacqueline took them to the beach to play the food chain game. After lots of running and shouting it was time to load the children in the dingy, going towards the Silurian where Duncan the dolphin apparently tried to escape but clearly failed and as a result was hanging upside down near the side he was supposed to be lying, the wind was strong! We arrived on the boat and it was time for juice and biscuits. We all sat outside on the deck and enjoyed the sun! The education on the boat started with the boat tour by Duncan and exploring the world of plankton lead by Eilidh and Joannie. Rob was helping with everything and Jacqueline was doing the most important job, the timing and the planning.
We then had a nice packed lunch outside on top of the deck of the boat. The loo was the most exciting part of the trip for some of the younger children who where determined to pump it for themselves, no help wanted! Very independent!
Sound and pictures of whales and dolphins was explained by Eilidh and the children got to see the tooth of a sperm whale which caused a lot of wows!...out of the mouths of the children.
Joannie and Rob were in charge of the touch tank and they were really good! They were showing the children different kinds of species which the children touched and learnt about. The detail of the insides coming out of one of the fish was well remarked by one of the children. The time on the boat was finished by artwork. Everyone drew there own favourite animal from the sea. Then it was time to head for shore again so they could catch the ferry at 3 o’clock.
The HWDT team then did an extra good deed, they collected a huge net from the beach which was just waiting to be a ghost net (drifting around).
The net is now settled on the boat waiting to be dumped in the right place, namely a bin! Everyone was a little exhausted. But after a nice cup of tea, Joannie and Duncan went paddling again, Eilidh went for her run and Rob and Jacqueline found the very nice little book shop in Fionnphort and found some great books. Then we met the new education officer Hilda who was staying overnight and was going to monitor the education day tomorrow. We had a lovely meal of pasta and salad, which made us all feel satisfied. The sunset was beautiful and maybe we see some nice stars tonight!
Duncan and Joannie headed out to find some bait for the creel pot for the school visit for the next day, while the rest of us felt all sleepy and hung out on the boat. It turns out that they spend 2h30 having lectures by fisherman, which was great fun! As a result, they came back with a lot of fish and a nice box of excellent prawns given by the entrepreneur Paul! Bioluminescent plankton was the stars of the night!
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