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On board Silurian

Crew of the SilurianSilurian is HWDTs research and education vessel.

Most weeks April through October she is either monitoring the waters of the west coast of Scotland for whales, dolphins, and porpoises, or serving as a floating classroom for one of the many Argyll island primary and secondary schools.

Read the log below to find out what Silurian and her crew have been up to each week and all about the whales, dolphins and porpoises they spot!  To find out about the latest marine life sightings spotted elsewhere, click here.

If you would like to send the crew an e-mail with your questions click here.

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Sunday 7th May

On a late Sunday afternoon, the Silurian left Tobermory heading for Bunessan bay. Thanks to Mother Nature, and under a soft and warm wind, skipper Duncan sailed with bared arms assisted by a smiley crew. The education team watched the sea for wildlife sightings. A superb gannet, guillemots, razorbills, shags, kittiwakes and, of course, a lot of gulls where seen.
What a day to climb in the crows nest, even for short legged person. Giving up the stirring the wheel, Joannie did not hesitate to become a pirate! An excitement woke up the relax mood. ”Porpie”, yield Eilidh. Two porpoises breaking the surface starboard with Ardmore point as a background picture. What a great life, Jacqueline and Joannie both had a nap and then sat comfortably on the bowsprit!
A cutie puffin with its funny colours dived into the water in the direction of the Treshnish Islands. Along the way we passed beautiful Staffa. We were in heaven with a beautiful day and amazing scenery that was until we passed Tiree and Coll and then the rain arrived! Rob did not hesitated to change, the man who was previously smartly dressed turned into a waterproof man.
The ladies were in the kitchen preparing Mexican chilli with Tofu. Moon and Sun plate presentation! Humm ... Duncan and Rob will become vegetarians for a week, to Duncan’s disgust! What a challenge!
After Dinner as part of after dinner exercise, Eilidh and Duncan exchanged a smile for fish for the education purpose! Now we are ready to meet the pupils!
by Joannie Ferland
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