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On board Silurian

Crew of the SilurianSilurian is HWDTs research and education vessel.

Most weeks April through October she is either monitoring the waters of the west coast of Scotland for whales, dolphins, and porpoises, or serving as a floating classroom for one of the many Argyll island primary and secondary schools.

Read the log below to find out what Silurian and her crew have been up to each week and all about the whales, dolphins and porpoises they spot!  To find out about the latest marine life sightings spotted elsewhere, click here.

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Monday 8th May

The ladies woke up first! The smell of the homemade bread woke up the rest of the crew, without Gipsy King playing. Duncan was still dreaming! We then had a lovely morning sail to Iona! The wind was getting even warmer, here comes summer! Dressed up as onions, Jacqueline, Eilidh and Joannie were driven by 1st mate Pickering to the pier! No way avoiding the first zip of salty water! We headed for Iona primary school loaded with a suitcase, huge posters and a heavy backpack getting all technological equipment there, so we didn’t really look like tourists. We got slightly lost, and Eilidh would not believe Joannie, that the school was only up the road (as there is only one road on the island it’s not really that hard). We took off the polar bear clothes in this late summer temperature, and then went to meet the school but where faced with the children running away from the school(apparently for lunch).We made it to the school front door and met the three teachers busy building a bird houses! Once the material was set up, we had French introduction by Elisabeth who was really good. The whole class was amazing singing and counting in French! Go class go!
Eilidh did a great work with her whales, dolphins and porpoise lecture. She then kept the attention using Duncan the dolphin involving the pupils touching and naming the body parts! The sun brought us outside for the dolphin and squid game! Children and adults had a lot of fun catching their prey and laughing together. Apart from the technological errors during the talk, the visit to Iona primary school was a great success!
Once more, technology crashed! The mobile phones on the boat didn’t work. So the education trio were stuck on Iona unable to call Duncan and Rob. Do not think ladies will sit down and wait! Eilidh ran on the ferry, she went up to the wheelhouse and use the VHF-radio to tell Duncan that their crew would not swim back to the boat! We made it back to Silurian a bit wet from all the waves but smiling. The Silurian then headed to Fionnphort, Duncan made his “baby” ready to sleep! Teams split for the afternoon activities: Eilidh went running, Jacqueline and Rob went walking along the coast and Joannie and Duncan went kayaking! The pink Iona sunset was amazing in between the islands! The three land lovers where starving and met the kayakers with eager faces, Duncan and Joannie hadn’t realized that they had been away for so long as they had enjoyed their sea time a little too much! The kayakers brain’s were stuck on a coral beach that they had found when exploring! Time for another vegetarian meal: soup, salad and crepe! Duncan is still alive! Maple syrup from Joannie’s father (Quebec) created smiling faces for everyone (soooo good!!!)
Everybody is ready for tomorrow Iona Primary school onboard!! We can’t wait.
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